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Our Journey of Saving Souls Through Athletic Sports Continues!

Are you up for the challenge to teach about Christ through sports? Are you up for the challenge of taking defeat and turning it into victory for Christ on the ball fields? Are you up for the challenge to minister to those who attend games who are sometimes hurting or hopeless? Are you up for the challenge to serve as a coach, team mom or team dad? Well, the Athletic Ministry is the place for you! We welcome and invite you to become a part of this exciting ministry today!

For more information, contact Coach John DeBruhl at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Athletic Ministry

The Athletic Ministry connects children to Jesus Christ by creatively communicating God's word in every sports program and activity. The Athletic Ministry offers good-spirited competition through the Christian values of peace, love, joy, and fellowship. In an athletic world filled a “win at any cost attitude”, we are winning souls to Jesus through athletics.

Cheerleaders Ministry
Ministers to girls ages 7-13 by teaching the fundamentals of cheerleading which focuses on strong skill development and provides a safe, fun and affirming experience.

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